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Our Podcast


The R.I.C.H. program is proud to present - "The Legacy Live Podcast!" Join us every Wednesday night at 8:30pm for an in-depth discussion on everything socially intense right now!

-The double-edged sword of cultural "consciousness" and "transparency"

-Politics, and how it pertains to us

-Showcasing minority-owned businesses

- The current state of the next generation

-Controversial debates fueling the discord in our community

-Music, Entertainment & Current trends & more!

Join moderator/published author, Michael A. Murray and R.I.C.H. mentor panelists, Donavan Washington, Jala Mobley, Terrance Duran, Indigo Burroughs, Hansa Bajaj, Gerard Washington, Yolanda Carson, and Elder Mama G. From outspoken activists to behind the scenes leaders - this impactful group is always open to a healthy debate. Join us and listen in on our opinionated thoughts, as well as those of our special guests.

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